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Innovation Council


●Strategic business leaders and academics who develop theoretical modelling and concepts which can generate significant impact and deliver the SDGs by 2030 in the most efficient and effective way.

●Guiding entrepreneurs with breakthrough ideas into an incubator to fast track solutions for the SDGs.

●Vet and steer the best ideas to the Standards Council. 

Meet the Members

Lord Chris Holmes

Lord Chris Holmes

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-House of Lords Member 

-Advisor to UK Government on Digital Technology for public good 

-Deputy Chair of Channel 4 

-Chancelor BPP

-Diversity Advisor Cabinet Office 

-NED on Equality and Human Rights Commission 


-Ambassador for Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust 

-Paralympic 9 gold , 5 silver and 1 bronze medal winner for swimming 

Dr Immaculate Motsi-Omoijiade

Dr Immaculate Motsi-Omoijiade

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-Research Fellow in Emerging Technology at Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business, University of Birmingham Business School.

-Research Associate UCL Centre for Blockchain Technology, University College London and the AI innovation Network, University of Warwick

-Member of the White Chapel Think Tank on DLT; the British Standards Institute Technical Committee on Blockchain Standards and the UK Digital Currency Association

Eberhard Ruess

Eberhard Ruess

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--Head of IT Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures Nestle Switzerland

-Former Head of Information Technology for Supply Chain and Procurement at Nestlé Switzerland. 

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-Founder D1Labs

-Serial Entrepreneur


-Founder and CEO of EPX Worldwide

Standards Council


●Academic institutions and sustainability experts that will deliver harmonisation of reporting standards, policies, and frameworks, making sustainability reporting literally and acronymically S.I.M.P.L.E (Strategic, Interconnected, Meaningful, Purpose-driven, Long-term and Educative). 

●Streamline and standardise sustainability reporting and sector benchmarking for all types of organisations, projects and funds and bring it into line with financial reporting. 

●which will fundamentally measure impact and a data model which will aggregate and visualise national and global SDG data to communicate our progress on meeting the goals. 

Meet the Members

Professor Ian Thomson

Prof. Ian Thomson

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 -Director of Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business at the University of Birmingham Business School

-Professor of Accounting and Sustainability University of Birmingham
-Convenor of the Board C-Change Scotland
-Chair of The Centre for Social and Environmental Research Network 
-Professor in Sustainability of Accounting University of Strathclyde

Judy Kuszewski

Judy Kuszewski

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-Chief executive of Sancroft, a London

-based team of ESG and sustainable business consultants.

-Chair of the Global Sustainability Standards Board, an independent body created by the Global Reporting Initiative

Professor John Thwaites

Prof. John Thwaites

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-Professorial Fellow, Monash University

-Chair of the

Monash Sustainable Development Institute and Climate Works Australia

David Freiberg

David Freiberg

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-Academic Researcher with the Impact

-Weighted Accounted Initiative (IWAI), a research project incubated at Harvard Business School and jointly led by the Global Steering Group (GSG) and the Impact Management Project (IMP)

William R. Blackburn

William R. Blackburn

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-President of William Blackburn Consulting, Ltd.

-Served in many companies like

-Novartis, United Stationers Supply, ConEd, Continental, Covanta Energy, General

-Dynamics as well as Universities around the world

Tony LEE LUEN LEN (3).png

Tony Lee Luen Len

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-Senior Partner - Ecosis

-Expert in fields of sustainability, the built environment and multi-sector collaboration.

-Chartered quantity surveyor, project manager and an accredited partnership broker.

-Accredited professional/assessor in several green building/sustainable communities rating systems. 

-Contributor to regulatory, policy, and strategy work for UN-Habitat, World GBC, UNEP, UNECE, ITU, IOC and Governments on energy efficiency, smart cities, circular economy, innovative finance and digital transformation.

-Expert for the advocacy platform United for Smart and Sustainable Cities (U4SSC).

-Leads the special commission of Sustainable Cities and Communities of Business Mauritius. 

-Mentor for the Google for Startups SDG programme.

-Holds several positions on boards of international and national not-for-profit multi-sector organisations, including the Africa regional network of World GBC and GBC Mauritius.

Sonal Mahida.png

Sonal Mahida

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-Founder/Managing Director at Verability

-Over 15 years of pioneering roles in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing field.

-The first Head of North America for the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

-TIAA-CREF’s first Senior Governance Analyst on E&S, as well as the head executive of CDP USA where she oversaw the organization’s U.S. activities.

-Developed initiatives to aid and educate over 300 U.S. and Canadian investors in the practice and implementation of ESG integration and risk management. 

-Frequently brought in as an industry leader to present on ESG investing for trustees and executive management at institutional investors including state pension funds as well as in the media.

Wisdom Council


  • Philosophy, Theology and Futurist experts who review the ethics, intention and consequences of the ideas and solutions. 

  • They will provide wisdom, knowledge and understanding to very complex problem solving which take people, planet, purpose and prosperity into account holistically for generational impact. A diverse and representative council made up of people across all ages, religions, nations and sectors.


  • Future-proofing and conceptualising policy to create sustainable and resilient communities.

Meet the Members

Dr Stephen Backhouse

Dr Stephen Backhouse

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-Political theologian

-Specialist in the assessment of complex systems such as religions, institutions and nations

-Adviser for organisations on their internal dynamics, use and language of power, and their discovery of purpose

-Author of several award winning books and articles

-Has held numerous academic positions. 


Coming Soon...

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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.


Coming soon...

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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

Stewardship Council


●Influential figureheads who represent continental regions who can support market-making, convening round tables and navigating policy.

●They will help steward investment and the delivery of G17Eco for territories.

●Safeguarding national resources and assets, and advising governments to drive sustainable infrastructure and transition.

Meet the Members

Professor Alan Tranter

Professor Alan Tranter

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-Chairman /Founder of Green2Gold Incubator

- Helped to found EarthDay1970

-Contributed to First International United Nations Conference on the Human Environment,

-Former Director of The Green Business Conferences of Eco Expos

- 50 year champion of the Global Green Economy 

Dr Beate Degan

Dr. Beate Degan

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-Independent Director & Advisor.

-Chair of Markets Development Board, IFoA (Institute and Faculty of Actuarias).

-Stakeholder Board of SHERPA (Ethical dimensions of AI in Smart Data Information Systems)
-Former Partner at EY, Chair Emeritus ITU Independent Management Advisory Committee

Dr Mark Hutchinson

Dr. Mark Hutchinson

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-Former CEO of GE 

-NED BlueScope Steel and Mission Australia

Sara Vaughan



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-Innovator, Creator Brands with Purpose, Positive Change Maker (De Beers, Unilever, Danone, The Body Shop, Reckitt Benckiser)

-Transformation Accelerator IMAGINE

-Global Chief Purpose & Sustainability Advisor Marie Claire 

-Former Vice-President Unilever

-Advisory Chair Playmob

-Advisory Chair Stories for Change

Simon Horner



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-Innovation Director City of London Corporation

Movement Council


● Made up of marketing, PR, sociology, psychology, behavioural scientists and economists who put the well being of humanity at the heart of their decision making.


● Stir, enable and promote community engagement and integration around the SDG goals through education, empowerment and multi-cultural community growth activities.


● They champion and advocate for new holistic systems which are compatible with human consciousness, protect the human condition and their rights.

Meet the Members

Marina Testino

Marina Testino

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-Fashion Model

-Sustainability Activist

-Founder of POV: A mission-driven micro agency focused on digital communication and sustainable transformation

Ida Enberg

Ida Engberg

-World famous DJ, Vegan Eco Warrior,

-Ambassador for Music Against Animal Cruelties and World Peace Day Berlin

-Founder of Techno for Humanity to help Syrian Refugees, Amazon Watch

-Host of online webinar "Building Our Regenerative Future” curated by renowned authors and system thinkers Rory Spowers and Daniel Pinchbeck 

Alana Babar

Alhana Babar

-Only 14 years old

-Delivered a Ted Talk

- Prolific drummer

- Founder of Donate a Dream (Teaches vulnerable girls in India how to drum)

- Was 1 in 100 girls selected for Harvard's Youth Lead The Change Programme

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